In Module I you will be given a step-by-step introduction to Erickson’s Solution Focused Approach to coaching. You will learn the basics of coach position and will be able to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module. The focus of Module I is on inspiration and the central question we will explore is, “What do I want to achieve?”


Erickson Solution Focused Coaching Foundation

  • Content, Structure, Process, and the Form of Ideas

The Basics-Coaching Fundamentals

  • Communication and Rapport in Coaching
  • 5 Ericksonian Principles
  • Outcome Frame
  • 4 Planning Questions

The Powerful Brain Conversation

  • The power of the open-ended approach
  • Outcome focused scaling questions
  • Contracts

Coaching Solutions

  • Modeling Personal Development: Constructing Solutions
  • The Value of Active Visioning
  • Four “Gremlins”

The As-IF Frame

  • Button Questions and Miracle Questions
  • Exploring Assumptions: Tools for Moving Beyond Fear

The Logical Levels & Creating Clients Futures

  • Why a Value Based Self Image?
  • Designing Outcome Focused Tasks

Voice & Tone in Coaching

  • Using Your Coaching Voice for Maximum Impact

The Feedback Frame

  • Effective Feedback
  • How to Give/Receive Feedback