About: This is section provides useful and relevant links to the International Coach Federation (ICF) website. The ICF updates their policies and regulations often to please visit these pages regularly.

1. The ICF Core Competencies:


On the same page, as you scroll down near the bottom, you will find information pertaining to the Updated Core Competencies Model which is to be officially rolled out in 2021.   

+ Updated Core Competencies Model FAQ (at the bottom of this page you will find this document for download)

2. The ICF Code of Ethics:


3. ICF Code of Conduct:


4. ICF Minimum Skills Requirements (for ACC, PCC and MCC Level Coaches):


5. Paths to ICF Credentials (ACC, PCC, MCC):


6. Updates to the the ICF Credentialing Process


7. ICF Client Coaching Log Template:
Scroll to the bottom of your Academy screen and click on the the following to either View and / or download:
+ ICF Client Coaching Log Template
+ Referring a Client to Therapy
+ Is Coaching Right For You
+ Refer a Client to another Profession

Steps To Success is an on-demand program designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to start thinking about your own coaching business. It is available for any student taking The Art and Science of Coaching program.

It is available at your convenience on the Erickson HUB and can be accessed from as early as Module I.